Core Values: collaboration, simplicity, perfection, stratagem, success


is Gokin's undertone. Only when the whole company is united and making the company business as our own business, will Gokin overcome difficulties, grow further and steadily, and win the recognition and respect of the industry and society as a whole.


is Gokin's corporate vibe. The way of success lies in simplicity, and pragmatism becomes all so important. Here at Gokin, rules are simple and clear, while interpersonal relations are never that complicated, and everyone can focus on their job. 


is Gokin's criteria for work. Every piece of work, large or small, is explored to the very core; and every effort is made to achieve perfection. In Gokin, this is rule No. 1 in our work.


is Gokin's keynote. While keeping our routine in mind, we pursue innovation to forge ahead. Only when we stay true to our first aspiration and adhere to our principles, can we advance steadily and reach far; only when we dare to break and innovate, can we win by a surprise move. 

Great success

is the outcome of hard work. Only when the company and every member of the company work hard to create more value for society, can we bring success to the company, to clients, to suppliers and to ourselves. 

Vision:  Becoming a global landmark in the photovoltaic wafer industry.

Mission: Benefiting human beings with solar energy.

Gokin Spirit: Keen on virtuousness, go the right way. 

Product Motto: Gokin products, nothing but the very best.

Quality Policy: Finest workmanship and quality to perfection.