• Abiding by Laws and Regulations

    Suppliers shall abide by the Guidelines hereof, laws and regulations of their resident countries or regions as well as regulatory documents and requirements of the government.

    Suppliers shall respect internationally-accepted human rights and shall not violate such rights in whichever form.

    Suppliers shall follow Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) rules and carry out their production activities under the principle of providing maximum protection for their workers and environment.

  • Intellectual Property Rights

    Suppliers shall guarantee that products and materials sold to Gokin have not infringed upon any third-party intellectual property. In case of any such infringements, all compensation liabilities and legal consequences arising from any IP dispute incurred from litigation, arbitration or administrative penalties shall be borne by the infringing supplier.

    Suppliers shall take all effective measures to protect Gokin's intellectual property rights during the cooperation, and respect and protect intellectual property and client information in the transfer of technologies, experiences, knowledge or information.

    Suppliers shall manage technologies and proprietary technologies in a manner that the intellectual property can be protected.

  • Health and Safety

    Suppliers shall provide employees with a healthy and safe working environment that meets internationally accepted standards, and eliminate any working conditions that may seriously jeopardize employee safety and health.

    Suppliers shall make every effort to control sources of hazards and take necessary steps to prevent accidents and occupational diseases, and provide employees, if applicable, protective devices and training on use of such devices.

    Suppliers shall respect the workers' right to healthy working and living conditions. Disadvantaged individuals, including but limited to younger workers, pregnant and postnatal women and disabled employees shall enjoy special protections.

    Proper, regular training on health and safety shall be provided to internal and external employees to ensure safety of oneself and working partners.

    Suppliers shall abide by this safety standard throughout operation. Suppliers, if applicable, shall set up an occupational health and safety management system, and Gokin encourages suppliers to be OHSAS18001 certified.

  • Human Rights and Labor Protection

    Suppliers shall hire employees who work of their own accord and shall not use forced labor and/or bonded labor.

    Suppliers shall not employ, or use in any way, child workers aged under 16, and shall not have or tolerate any behavior that may violate labor laws and regulations.

    Suppliers shall pay employee remunerations in compliance with all applicable laws on wages and salaries, including laws and regulations on minimum wages, overtime wages and statutory benefits. Wages and salaries shall be regularly and fully paid in fiat money in a timely manner.

    Suppliers shall recognize and respect, without discrimination, employee freedom of assembly and association, and the rights of organizing and establishing labor unions and collective negotiation.

    Suppliers shall not discriminate, repulse or prefer any individuals for their sex, age, religion, race, cast, birth, social background, disability, ethnic group, nationality, membership of a labor union or any other lawful organizations, political parties or views, sexual orientation, familial responsibility, marital status or diseases.

    Suppliers shall urge their suppliers/partners not to violate any labor protection principles or purchase any products or raw materials produced in violation of any labor protection principles.

  • Environmental Protection

    Suppliers shall abide by local environmental laws, and avoid using materials (chemicals included) harmful to the environment; production environment and processes shall not violate relevant environmental laws and regulations; and their entire production process shall comply with relevant qualification and certification they have obtained from an International Standards Organization. (ISO14001, etc.)

    Suppliers shall evaluate if their operation would have any significant impact upon the environment, and draft effective policies and procedures reflecting their environmental responsibilities. Suppliers shall obtain, maintain and update all necessary environmental permits (e.g., emission monitoring), approvals and registrations, and meet relevant requirements on operation and reporting.

    Suppliers shall take saving and alternative measures to reduce consumption of energies, water and natural resources, and reduce emission of greenhouse gases.

    For Gokin's export products, suppliers shall supply products and materials as per the latest ROHS and REACH requirements with relevant conformity proof;

    Suppliers shall confirm their materials' conformity to "environmental requirements", and supply relevant conformity proofs in the form of third-party testing reports on harmful substances, material safety data sheet (MSDS), evidence proving the supplier is QC080000 certified, etc.

    Suppliers shall meet local and internationally accepted environmental standards in their actions. Suppliers, if applicable, shall establish an environmental management system, and Gokin encourages suppliers to be ISO14001 certified.

  • Integrity and Business Ethics

    Suppliers shall abide by all applicable anti-corruption laws and regulations in their domicile countries and regions, and shall not engage in corruption, extortion, embezzlement, bribery, cheating or concealment to obtain unfair or dishonest benefits, including, but not limited to:

    Offering any gifts, gift cards, presents, gift money, red packets, kickbacks, commissions, stock rights or any other properties.

    Suppliers shall stand firm against any and all forms of money laundering activities and take measures to prevent their financial transactions from being used for money laundering purposes.

    Providing or accepting, at obviously unfair considerations or conditions, any guarantees, funds, commodities, services or any other assets, giving up any creditor's rights or undertaking any liabilities.

    Divulging during bidding or competitive negotiations, bidding proposals or competitive negotiation plans, or colluding with bidders or competitive negotiation participants against the Company's interests.

    Seeking via organizations or individuals in a business relation with the Company, interests or jobs directly or mutually for relatives or specific relationship persons (relatives, friends and any other persons related in interest).

    Borrowing money and/or property from organizations or individuals in a business relation with the Company, or taking possession free or at low price properties of such organizations or individuals.

    Seeking benefits for oneself or other people by making use of the Company's business secrets, intellectual property, client information, business channels, etc.

    Accepting, without prior approval of the Company executives, an invitation of organizations or individuals in business relations with the Company to meals, celebrations, investigations, tours, recreations, entertainments, etc., taking unauthorized part-time jobs and accepting salaries, benefits or other remunerations therefrom.

    Suppliers shall not sell inauthentic, fake, defective or inferior quality products, and any violation of this provision shall be punished as per the Supplier Confidential Agreement.

    Suppliers shall not supply any qualifications, shipment inspection reports or product materials with data, information or proofs that are false or do not conform to the facts, and any violation of this provision shall be punished as per the Supplier Confidential Agreement.

    Suppliers shall abide by professional ethnics and not divulge to the market, Gokin's competitors in particular, any information about Gokin's R&D, operation, production, procurement, etc., and shall not, without Gokin's prior agreement, express or imply they provide Gokin with any services or commodities, and shall not use their cooperation and confidential information in business publicity or reveal such information to their competitive business partners, or any other organizations or individuals for business purposes, and any violation of this provision shall be punished as per the Supplier Confidential Agreement;

    Suppliers shall earnestly uphold Gokin's requirements on integrity and business ethnics, pass the same solemnly and seriously to the Company's related personnel and those with business cooperations, and fight side by side to realize economic development and a mutually benefiting and win-win result.